Netflix Releases Speed Index: A List of Best & Worst Internet Services for Netflix Streaming

Netflix just released a list a new site called Netflix ISP Speed Index which shows charts of high speed internet services and their average actual streaming speed.


Netflix has been publishing a list of best performing ISP’s for months, but has finally decided to give it its own minisite, with updates expected monthly. The data comes from 33 million Netflix members and is aggregated for 8 countries that are currently being served by Netflix.

Netflix Streaming chart of ISP's

Google Fiber unsurprisingly tops the list with an average streaming speed of 3.35 Mbps – and climbing every month! Optimum, Suddenlink, and Cox are the next 3 fastest with speeds of 2.35, 2.19, and 2.12 Mbps, respectively. Verizon FiOS is at #5 with 2.12 Mbps, followed by Charter, Comcast, Mediacom, Time Warner, and Bright House to round out the top 10.

Clearwire, Verizon DSL, AT&T DSL, and Frontier fared the worst in the list, with speeds hovering around 1.2 – 1.5 Mbps.

Finland has the highest average speed for Netflix streaming, followed by Sweden, then Denmark. The US ranks #4 on the list for average speeds, but thanks to Google Fiber, it does boast the top highest speed in the list.

Netflix Streaming speeds by country


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