Where in America Can You Get Gigabit Internet (Right Now)?

A huge thank you to everyone who has commented and contributed to this list since its inception. This is likely going to be the last time I update this post. 50 cities is just a great round number and a great place to stop.

Gigabit internet is awesome. And elusive.

Gigabit ethernet speed is equal to 1,000,000,000 bits per second or 1,000 Mbps. For comparison: “fast ethernet” is considered to be 100 Mbps, which is still much faster than standard internet service that’s normally 10 Mbps (like the kind you’d get from Time Warner or Comcast cable), or even 3 Mbps which are found at the lower & cheaper (and most common) tiers of internet service.

gigabit-cities-americaWhile such crazy fast Gigabit connections are available to governments, educational institutions, and large businesses, it’s difficult to get such a fast connection for regular public use. For instance Santa Monica, CA has a 10 Gigabit network, but that’s mostly allocated for business use. There are a few places in America, however, where gigabit internet connections are starting to pop up – and ones that are accessible to regular internet surfers like you and me. This post is an attempt to hunt down all the places in America that have such connections (or are currently getting them installed).

A lot of cities across America are taking matters into their own hands and starting to install their own Gigabit networks as part of economic development initiatives and as way to attract the tech industry and companies that can use that advantage for competitive purposes.

It’s an exciting time to see so many communities across the US fighting to deploy next generation Gigabit networks to help make America a leader in high speed connectivity.

The following is a collection of cities and places that have gigabit connections inside the US:

Currently Available

1. Kansas City, KS / MO

Google Fiber – After a long bidding process, Google selected Kansas City and has now begun deploying the first major consumer-based Gigabit network in the US.

2. Chattanooga, Tennessee

GIG City – Chattanooga has dubbed itself GIGcity and is making a bug push to become a tech hub, bolstered by what it claims is America’s largest Gigabit network that serves all residents and businesses.

3. Lafayette, Louisiana

LUS Fiber, Lafayette recently joined the ranks of super connected cities by rolling out a Gigabit fiber network after winning a long fight with Cox Cable and BellSouth, the city’s incumbent service providers.

4. Lansing, Michigan

LightSpeed – East Lansing based LightsSeed fiber. The expansion has already begun to selected buildings and neighborhoods in Lansing, Southfield, and Downtown Detroit.

5. Bristol, VA / TN

BTES – The city of Bristol, (which sits between Virginia and Tennessee) has deployed Gigabit internet service to its residents in a 280-square-mile service area, helping make Tennessee a current hotspot for ultra high speed internet service.

6. Morristown, Tennessee

MUS FiberNET – While Morisstown has never achieved as much recognition as Kansas City or Chattanooga, the city does offer Gigabit speed to businesses at $849 per month (residential plans go up to 20/10 according to the provider’s website).

7. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington VT rounds out the list of cities that currently offer residential gigabit speeds via Burlington Telecom. The muni network charges $149.00 per month for gigabit access (with a 12 month contract; $199 without a contract).

8. Springfield, Vermont

Vermontel started offering gigabit internet service for $35 per month to the residents of Springfield, which makes it one of the cheapest places to get a gig in the country.

9. Omaha, Nebraska

CenturyLink announced that by October 2013 it will have gigabit speeds available to 48,000 residents for $149.99 per month. Currently their website isn’t showing those options but reportedly it is available now to about 10,000 subscribers.

10. Tullahoma, Tennessee

TUB (Tullahoma Utilities Board) and its LightTUBe service have started offering one gigabit per second (1 Gbps) Internet service to its residential and business customers.

11. Minneapolis, Minnesota

US Internet is currently offering symmetrical 1 Gbps service to residents of select areas for $114.95 per month.

12. Cedar Falls, Iowa

Cedar Falls Utilities has launched a gigabit “FiberHome Quantum” tier to their home internet service for around $270 per month. The download speed is rated at gigabit while the upload speed is rated at 500 Mbps (so it’s not a symmetrical gigabit connection like Google Fiber).

12. Seattle, Washington

While Gigabit Squared is getting ready to roll out Gigabit internet service to Seattle for $80 per month, some condos already have gigabit service thanks to a company called CondoInternet for $120 per month. Gigabit Squared is going to make the service available to a lot more people thanks to the Gigabit Seattle project.

13. San Francisco, California

Sonic.net – A company called Sonic.net out of Santa Rosa is currently offering Gigabit internet to local residents in select neighborhoods. Also available in Sebastopol, Brentwood, and several other cities in the area.

14. Austin, Texas

Google Fiber is now available in Austin, as of 2014.

15. Provo, Utah

Google Fiber has also been rolled out in Provo, Utah.

16. Wilson, North Carolina

The local broadband provider Greenlight (owned & operated by the City of Wilson) recently announced that it will begin offering gigabit Internet services to its customers.

17. Melrose, Minnesota

Arvig, a local ISP, is slated to start offering gigabit service to some residents of rural Melrose, but customers will need to call to order the service – and the price is slated to be $300 per month for a gig (with lower pricing for slower connections).

18. Portland, Oregon

Beaverton-based Fibersphere is now covering several neighborhoods throughout the Portland metro area. See the Coverage Map to find out if your location is already covered.

19. Bloomer, Wisconsin

Bloomer Telephone Company offers gigabit internet speeds if you live within their designated fiber-to-the-premise areas.

20. Central and Northern Michigan

Winntelecom Winnspeed Gigabit Internet. Currently available in Clare, Gaylord, and Mount Pleasant, with plans to expand to more service areas.

21. Russellville, Kentucky

The city of Russellville announced that gigabit fiber internet is now available to over 4,000 homes in the Russellville area.

22. Salt Lake City, Utah

Residents of Salt Lake City may be able to sign up now for gigabit internet through one of two different providers: CenturyLink or Utopia Gigabit (via XMission ISP).

23. Orlando, Florida

CenturyLink has expanded its gigabit internet service to select locations in Orlando. Prices start at $79.95 per month.

24. Denver, Colorado

You can also find CenturyLink Fiber in Denver now. They have recently rolled out 1 Gig internet in 16 neighborhoods. See coverage map.

25. Anchorage, Alaska

GCI 1 GIG red. Now available in Anchorage, Wasilla, and Palmer. Coming soon to Juneau and Fairbanks.

26. Bluffton, Indiana

Bluffton just became Indiana’s first Gigabit city. Residents can sign up for 1 GIG up/down now with Adamswells for $149 per month.

27. Boron, California

This small town in Kern County is now offering symmetrical gigabit internet, GIGAGY, to its residents for only $60 per month. Offered by Race Communications.

28. Opelika, Alabama

Opelika is Alabama’s First Gig City. Opelika Power Services has been providing gigabit internet speeds to its residents since 2013.

29. Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, SC

Comporium Broadband is offering its Zipstream Service with 1 Gig download / upload speeds. Available to residents for $99.95 per month.

30. College Station, Texas

College Station residents can sign up for 1 Gig download internet speeds. Upload is 50 Mbps at this time. Visit Suddenlink for details.

31. Columbia County, Georgia

West Carolina Tel offers both Symmetrical and Asymmetrical 1 Gig internet to residents in Columbia County. Service is new and available only in certain subdivisions.

32. McCormick County, Abbeville County, Starr & Iva areas of Anderson County, SC

WCTel also offers Gigabit internet in parts of South Carolina. At this time, symmetrical 1 Gig down/up service costs $161.45 per month.

33. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Bell introduced fiber with Gigabit download for residents back in September 2014. 250 Mbps upload.

34. Sandy, Oregon

The city of Sandy offers its residents and businesses Gigabit internet speeds for the low price of only $59.95 per month. Or bundle with home phone service for just $79.95 per month, total.

35. Bull Shoals and Diamond City, Arkansas

NATCO Communications is now offering Fiber-To-The-Home technology in Marion County. Residents can contact Natco for details and availability.

36. Baldwin City, Kansas

The folks at RG Fiber have recently launched fiber service for residents of Baldwin City. Speeds are 1 gigabit symmetrical up/down.

37. Bixby, Oklahoma

BTC Broadband is offering gigabit speeds to local residents and businesses in Bixby. See the service area map to find out which neighborhoods are fiber ready.

38. Salisbury, North Carolina

Want really, really fast internet? Residents of Salisbury can sign up for 10 Gigabit (!) internet via Fibrant. It’s $400 per month, but hey, did I mention it’s really fast? Fibrant head Kent Winrich says, “We can reach anyone in the city with 10-gig fibe, right now.”

39. Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson Energy Authority has been doing fiber-to-the-home for some time. They recently upgraded their network and are now offering Gigabit speeds. JEA is actually the largest FTTH network in the United States.

40. Troy, Alabama

Residents in a handful of cities in Southeast Alabama can now sign up for gigabit fiber via Troy Cable. They are currently serving Pike, Houston, Dale, Coffee, and Crenshaw counties.

41. Bemidji, Minnesota

True to the name, Paul Bunyan Communications is building out a seriously big-time fiber network in Bemidji and the surrounding areas of Northern Minnesota. Construction is under way to cover several more towns in the area.

42. Rainsville, Alabama

Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative (FTC) is serving up gigabit speeds in DeKalb County and part of Jackson County. Welcome to Gig Country.

43. Columbia, Russell Springs and Jamestown, Kentucky

DuoCounty Telecom is offering their Lightspeed G program for residents and businesses since 2015. Visit their page for details.

44. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaiian Telcom is serving up the fastest internet speeds in Hawaii. 1 Gig download / 100 Meg upload. Just $199.95 for residential high speed fiber.

45. Las Vegas, New Mexico

This New Mexico town has turned into one of the latest FiberHoods. Plateau Fiber is offering symmetrical 1 Gbps internet for only $70 per month.

46. Chapel Hill, Nolensville and Belfast, Tennessee

United Communications is advertising dedicated fiber optic lines with download speeds up to 1 gig. No data caps!

47. Central Kansas

IdeaTek, out of Buhler, is offering Gigabit internet to residents in select towns in Central Kansas. Pricing is competitive- only $40/mo for the first six months, then $70/mo.

48. Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Citizens Fiber, out of Mt Pleasant, is offering the fastest fiber in town. Just $79.99/mo for symmetrical 1 Gbps internet speeds.

49. Clay Center, Kansas

Twin Valley Communications based out of Clay Center KS launched gigabit Internet last fall with plans to launch in 14 other surrounding towns in the summer of 2016.

50. Emporia, Kansas

Rounding out our list is Emporia, Kansas. 1 Gig internet is now available to residents via ValuNet FIBER for $129.95 per month.

Coming Soon

1. Lawrence, Kansas

A company by the name of Wicked Broadband has announced that it will soon be offering gigabit-speed Wicked Fiber services to neighborhoods with the most demand measured by the number of people who pre-register.

RG Fiber has announced their gigabit fiber service is coming soon to both Lawrence and Eudora.

2. Rural Central Missouri

Residential 1 gigabit service will be available in rural Missouri. Service areas include California, MO, Sunrise Beach, MO, Laurie, MO, and Gravois Mills, MO. The service provider that is bringing this fiber to the home network to the area is Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, Inc.

3. Fargo, North Dakota

Midcontinent is making progress in bringing gigabit fiber to Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo. They started installing fiber in 2014, and aim to offer gigabit speeds to their entire service area by the end of 2017.

4. Mississippi

C spire has begin pre-registration has begun for 10 select neighborhoods in Mississippi. You may be eligible if you live in Clinton, Jackson, Madison, Flora, Quitman, Ridgeland, or Starkville.

5. Rockport and South Portland, Maine

Fastfiber Gigabit Internet appears to be on its way to Rockport and South Portland, with more cities to come..

6. Longmont, Colorado

City-owned Nextlight is currently expanding their gigabit coverage in Longmont. Their internet speed was ranked at the third fastest in the United States.

7. The Triangle, North Carolina

Construction is under way to bring Google Fiber to the Raleigh-Durham area. Residents can register now to be notified when service is available.


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  • To your list, you can add (via municipal networks), the cities of Bristol, Tennessee (BTES); Morristown, Tennessee; and Burlington, Vermont. All are advertising citywide (or very nearly citywide in the case of Burlington) availability of a gig.

    • Brett Gordon

      Thanks for letting me know about those 3 cities – I’ve added them to the list.

      • Kent Garrison

        Lincoln NE also plans gig internet.

  • Steel Yang

    I’d also like to add Minneapolis, MN as a city in which you can get Gigabit Internet. It is provided by a company called US Internet.

    • Brett Gordon

      I didn’t find any consumer plans being offered at a gig on their website or any information about it online. If you have a link that talks about it, please post it & I’ll look into it.

      • They have been running fiber and offering gigabit since 2010.

        • The website didn’t appear in my first post, but it’s fiber.usinternet.com

          • Brett Gordon

            I found it and updated. Thanks.

  • Matt Wells

    Excellent research. Thank you for taking the time to publish this

  • Tom Henderson

    You’ve missed plenty of them. I would suggest a more thorough research job. There are tiny cities (Loma Linda CA) to huge ones. Not one of them has 100% GB coverage, but many are trying hard.

  • Seattle has Gigabit

    Hey Max, Seattle has a few residential gigabit providers. This is one of them: http://www.condointernet.net/

    • Brett Gordon

      Thanks for the heads up – I added that information to the post.

  • Brett Gordon

    Oh, oops. Thanks for pointing that out. I changed it to http://www.btes.net/ in the article 🙂

  • Nick

    VTel is offering gigabit in Springfield, VT and expanding to the rest of their service area over the coming year. It starts at just $35/month.

    • Brett Gordon

      Thanks for letting us know – just added it to the article.

  • SiLi

    are there any plans in the works to bring gigabit internet to Los Angeles?

    • Brett Gordon

      I haven’t heard of anyone planning to roll out gigabit in LA yet

  • Barb

    Pend Oreille County, WA … offering speeds of up to 1 gigabit …
    then providers are here:

  • I’m in L.A. I’m waiting on pins and needles for gigabit here 🙂

  • hello!
    we’re pretty quiet in Loma Linda, California about tooting our own horn, but we’ve had fiber optic city-wide for quite a while. Check it out!

  • You missed about a dozen cities participating in the UTOPIA network in Utah. http://www.utopianet.org/

  • Chris
  • You forgot Lawrence, KS. Wicked broadband is deploying Gigabit fiber to the home.


  • Barry
  • Chris Katko

    Chattanooga, TN has gigabit city-wide.

  • Andy
  • The Wired Road Authority in Galax, Virginia offers Gigabit connections to businesses that require it. The connections will easily handle a combination of services simultaneously, including three channels of HD television, multiple telephone lines, Internet access, security services, and other specialized offerings.

  • The landscape has changed with wireless paving the way.Fiber is the backbone and wireless is the tentacles.

  • Mike

    You missed Fibersphere in based in Beaverton, Oregon.

    • Mike

      Link to where they services residential areas: https://secure.fibersphere.net/gigabit.php

      • Mike

        They list the costs as 80 a month but at least for me it’s less. I’m paying 35 through the HOA (everyone in the neighborhood is required to have the base 100mbps line), and an extra 40 a month directly to the company for the gigabit upgrade.

  • Noah Davis

    You can add Wilson North Carolina to the list of gigabit internet speed. Greenlight, a city managed cable/phone/internet service provider has now added gigabit availability

  • Frank Bonner

    Also, C Spire Fiber. http://www.cspire.com/fiberhome They have 9 cities currently listed for 1GB Fiber

  • C Spire is rolling out Gigabit Fiber To The Home to 9 cities in Mississippi at this time. All of the information concerning these cities can be found on our webpage http://www.cspire.com/fiberhome.

  • John

    FYI: gigabit is not equal to 1,048,576 bits per second or 1,024 Mbps.
    1 gigabit per second = 1,000,000,000 bits per second = 1000 Mbps since it is a transfer rate.

  • John Oberst

    The cities of Monmouth and Independence Oregon have had fiber to the premises (FTP) gigabit internet available since 2007 or so. I know this because I am the Mayor of Monmouth. The two cities joined together to build (and own) MINet Fiber when none of the national telecoms would even entertain the notion of bringing us broadband… not even DSL. So we did it ourselves. Please google minetfiber.com to learn more.

    • Justin Mirsky

      Hi John!

      I think it is great that you have a fiber to the prem solution in your city. I would really love to hear more about the MINet solution. I live in a suburb of Louisville, KY and I would absolutely love to look into proposing an idea/solution like this to our city council. Please let me know if you are open to speaking about this.


      Justin MIrsky

    • John,

      I checked out minetfiber.com… There’s no mention anywhere on the entire site of gigabit internet. 100Mbps is clearly shown as the fastest option available. I’m actually looking to move back to Oregon after 6 years in California and work remotely… If I’m missing something and you currently offer 1Gbps, I’ll move there. If not, I’ll go closer to Portland (2Gbps). Do you have any more information about this?

    • For those who are considering this, Monmouth and Independence offer expensive gigabit to select business-only locations in the city, NOT for residential customers. They offer 100mbps for residential, for more Google Fiber charges. All this is great, but I figured I’d clear this up as I was hoping to move there and work from home over gigabit fiber. Not gonna happen. Portland area is still the only one providing gigabit+ internet.

  • We have just started to deploy Gigabit Fiber to the home and business in Smithville, Texas and La Grange, Texas.

  • Reagan

    Can anyone help me find a good internet for gaming online? I dont want the standard 10mbps or even 30mbps. I would like 75-100mbps at the least but I cannot find anything in Texas?! I am young (13) and I am trying to find a job to pay for some kind of internet but of course I am too young. My parents wont buy internet or even cable and I am using my neighbors wifi to play games on my computer. If anyone could help me then it would be great!

  • Mike Kovacs

    My company, CableRunner International, developed a unique deployment method to help major urban city areas deploy fiber in a fraction of the time & cost of traditional methods. Check it out at http://www.cablerunner-international.com and contact me directly if I can offer any insight as to what we have been doing around the globe.

  • Nancy

    Wondering where I can bail to from SF and still have high speed connectivity.
    Looking to hike/bike/paddle as far away from civilization as possible and still
    be able to work online.

  • jerryab

    $65/month from US Internet in Minneapolis, MN.


  • w00ds

    In the bay are there are a few cities a company called Paxio (www.paxio.com) which provides 1gbit up/down speeds for $138.50/month. I pay for my friend’s internet @ his house in Emeryville and run a half rack server there.


  • Russellville, Kentucky has the only 1-Gig service provider in the state. The municipally-owned electric company has fiber to every residential and business customer in this rural town of 7,000 people.

  • IITGuy

    While strides are being made across our nation, I think it is noteworthy that Kansas City is playing catch-up to the infrastructure Chattanooga already has in place and continues to improve. Chattanooga is host to many international developers in what they are calling the Gig-Tank as experimentation with applications across this speed is underway. Don’t keep drinking the Google cool-aid. Chattanooga was the first gigabit city in the world.

  • Matthew Walker

    You can add Diamond City Arkansas. We have Fiber and i have a Gig Connect through NATCO. Its not advertised for residential but if you request it they will oblige.

  • Looks like you missed Canby, Oregon. Canby Telcom has been offering gigabit service for years, and not just run of the mill GPON, they have active E (symmetrical gig service 1,000/1,000) at $99.95/mo. without contract (business and residential pricing is identical). I know this article was posted in 2013, but years prior Canby Tel was deploying fiber and currently has a little over 50% of their subscriber base on their fiber network.

  • Please add Mount Pleasant, Alma Gaylord, and Clare Michigan to your list via Winn Telecom based out of Mount Pleasant Michigan. We turn up this week!!

  • Diedrich

    Please update your information for East Lansing, Michigan. I’m not sure what Google search you compiled your information from but your source is inaccurate. East Lansing and Lansing, Michigan are getting gigabit Internet from Lightspeed (golightspeed.com). You can see their installation status on their site. So, no, DTN is not the provider. In fact, DTN is an evil property management company who has spread like a virus in the Lansing and East Lansing neighborhoods and they have just been lucky enough to be in one of the completed zones to “provide” gigabit Internet to their tenants.

  • Tanner

    Midcontinent Communications will be offering gigabit to all subscribers in Grand Forks, ND, Fargo, ND, Bismarck, ND, and Sioux Falls, SD in 2016. http://www.midcogig.com

  • Brett Gordon

    I updated this article according to my latest research as of December 12, 2015.
    If you see any cities I’ve missed, please leave a comment and I’ll make an update! Thanks!

  • Brett Gordon

    Thank you.
    I’ve added it to the list.

  • Hank

    Bluffton Indiana provided by Adamswells internet offers 1GIG down and 1GIG up. Can you add that one to your list. Thank you

  • Brett,

    After 2+ years you should update this list. Gig.U and GigabitSquared have not panned out. Not sure about the others.

    BTW, I was searching on Chattanooga fiber pricing and found your link on the first page. When I started reading it, it said it was today’s date, but then the comments indicated it was over 2 years old. But I see you have been responding to people lately.


    • Brett Gordon

      Hey Michael,

      This article was indeed first posted 2+ years ago.
      I’m in the process of giving the whole site a “reboot”. There’s a lot of new content on the way in the coming weeks.
      Clearly there was some outdated info leftover here. I appreciate you pointing that out.. My goal is to get this page completely up to date and accurate, and then keeping it that way.

  • Maison Pulaski

    You can add good old Boron California 93516 population 2500 (not a typo) to the list. Race Communications has installed Gigabyte internet for $60 a month (my actual connection averages ~500mbps hard wire and ~150mbps over WiFi)

  • Opelika, Alabama’s Opelika Power Services ha been providing a Gig since October 2013.

  • Opelika is Alabama’s First Gig City.

    • Brett Gordon

      Thank you June and David for letting me know. I’ve added Opelika to the list.

      • Sam

        Opelika has 1 gig if you want to pay high price for it. It’s between $300 – 500, I believe. No regular Joe can afford that.

  • Eric

    Google Fiber is coming to the Triangle area in NC.


    • Brett Gordon

      Thanks Eric – I’ve added that to Coming Soon.

  • Billy

    Comporium communications has Gigabit fiber internet as well. Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Lancaster SC. http://zipstreambroadband.com/index.php

  • Samir

    College Station, TX has gigabit internet with Suddenlink.

  • Virginia

    You can add the below areas to your list as well (all offer both asymmetrical and symmetrical Gigabit Internet service):

    South Carolina’s McCormick County, Abbeville County, and the Starr and Iva areas of Anderson County: http://wctelephone.com/internet/fiber.php

    Georgia’s Columbia County: http://wcfiber.net/HighSpeedInternet (new to the area and currently only available to certain subdivisions in Columbia County)

    Thanks for putting this list together!

    • Brett Gordon

      I’ve added both to the list. Thanks, Virginia.

  • Pytheas

    Sonic.net, who are actually based out of Santa Rosa, CA btw, are also providing Gigabit internet in Sebastopol, CA and Brentwood, CA. Source: https://www.sonic.com/gigabit-fiber-internet (Go down to the bottom where the list of fiber locations are listed.)

  • Cincy

    You can add Cincinnati, OH to the list. Cincinnati Bell offers it there. Fiber to the home installations began a number of years ago, and Gigabit was launched in Sept 2014.


  • GLT
  • Meghan

    Bull Shoals and Diamond City, Arkansas from NATCO Communications.

  • You can add to the list Baldwin City, KS (Active), Eudora, KS (Coming Soon) Lawrence, KS (Active) thanks to RG Fiber.

  • Randall B.
  • jeff @ JEA

    I wanted to note that we have been offering a 1 Gig package for some time now. We have been operating a FTTH system for well over 10 years now. At one time we were the single largest FTTH deployment in the states. 🙂
    Here is a great link.

  • To your list, please add the Gig Region in Southeast Alabama…Troy Cablevision, Inc. based in Troy, Alabama serves the counties of Pike, Houston, Dale, Coffee and Crenshaw counties.

    • Brett Gordon

      Thanks Pam. I’ve added it to the list.

  • K.Elaine

    The cities of Independence and Monmouth, Oregon have been gig cities for years. They formed a joint FTTH project in 2004 (MINET).

    • Brett Gordon

      Hi Karin,
      On the MINET website I see speeds of up to 100 Mbps listed.
      Do you have a link offering gig speeds by chance?

  • Chuck Ables

    Farmers Telecommunications in Rainsville Alabama offers gigabit service to almost all of DeKalb County and part of Jackson county in NE Al.

  • Julie Harris

    Hi Brett,
    Please add Columbia, Russell Springs and Jamestown, Kentucky, to your list. Service through Duo County Telecom. Thank you! http://duocounty.com/index.php/business-services/lightspeed-g

  • Karol S

    You can add the Camp Douglas New Lisbon area in Wisconsin. Lynxx Net has begun offering symmetrical 1 gig service for $109.95/month in the area.

  • Maybe I missed it but it seems like you’ve left Xfinity/Comcast off of they list. They’ve been providing this for a while and are now introducing 2GB service. While its a pretty penny it, if the list is impartial then it does deserve to be noted for residential service. You can see the full list of states being offered the service here: http://www.xfinity.com/multi-gig-offers.html

  • Doug

    Hi Brett,

    Hawaiian Telcom offers GigE download speeds for Honolulu Hawaii. Service is 1000/100.

  • Las Vegas, NEW MEXICO is one of a handful of gigabit cities in NM. Service is being rolled out by Plateau (https://plateaufiber.com/lasvegas-map.html)

  • Kevin Evenson

    Haven, KS, $70/ mo.

  • Jason

    please add

    Chapel Hill, TN
    Nolensville, TN
    Belfast, TN

    via United Communications

  • Jake Morrison

    Ideatek has gigabit service for a few towns in Kansas. http://www.ideatek.com/

  • merpie

    Also, Charlotte!

  • SWIM

    When I cam to America as a first generation immigrant back in 1990, the US was at the cutting edge of everything. Now, not so much.

    1 Gbps internet speeds are popping up, sure…. but finally. Someone like myself who does high-performance dependent internet ‘stuff’ (high-def multimedia streaming, gaming, interactive web conferencing, etc.), really needs top-tier speeds… and my home’s 150 mbps connection is WAY more than fast enough to accomplish everything I need to do… but just for the sake of argument: global speed vs. cost

    My cable internet is great. Fast, reliable, and did I say fast? 150 mbps… didn’t think I’d ever need this much speed a few years ago. However, I am paying 90 bucks/month for INTERNET ALONE…

    1 Gbps internet has been available for home, residential users in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, some European countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, etc. etc. for quite some time now… and let’s just compare cost. You can get 1 gbps internet in South Korea or Japan for somewhere in the range of $20-25 per month! So essentially I’m paying 4x as much for internet that is 7x slower here in the states. None of these areas in the US that are selling 1gbps internet (or are about to) are charging less than $200!

    Man… butting into other nations’ affairs and fighting in useless, unwinnable wars has really retarded our stronghold as the world’s premier superpower.

  • Citizens Fiber In Westmoreland County Pa

  • Braden Lake

    We receive gigabit service in Rosenberg, TX through AT&T Uverse. I have had it for about 6 months. Not everyone can access it, only those with newer houses that have had fiber infrastructure. We were fortunate.

  • Rocket Fiber is a new Detroit, Michigan based Internet service provider.

  • Kathy

    Twin Valley Communications based out of Clay Center KS launched gigabit Internet last fall with plans to launch in 14 other surrounding towns in the summer of 2016. There are also many other ILEC providers across the US that currently offer Gigabit. You can review many of those here http://www.ntca.org/awards-recognition-programs/certified-gig-capable-providers.html and this isn’t counting to companies who have not applied for the award.

    From your research, including the ILEC communities, do you have a rough estimation of what percentage of consumers in the nation have access to Gigabit services?

    • Brett Gordon

      Thanks Kathy. I just quoted you in the post because I couldn’t have summed it up better myself.

      I don’t have any answer to your question unfortunately. Gigabit access is growing almost by the day, and I believe most people will have access within 5 years.

  • Russell

    ValuNet FIBER in Emporia, KS provides Gigabit service.


  • Calvin Siemandel
  • Sam

    Hey Bret, I am searching for gig internet in southern Florida, Stuart, Palm City, etc., but found nothing. Do you know of any gig provider in the area, even in the future?


  • Eldorado

    You an get Gigabit in Illinois in Peoria and Urbana-Champaign


    • Eldorado

      Just press Okay on the screen asking for an address. You don’t have to pick a random address from google maps in the location to browse through

  • Thor

    Windstream rolled out 1 gig to smb businesses and residential in Lincoln, NE/Matthews, NC/Lexington, KY/Sugarland, TX.


  • Ali Gator

    Gainesville, Fl for those served by Gainesville Regional Utilities Gatornet service

  • Steve Maloney

    What do you know about Cable One’s Giga One rollouts? Is it really gigabit service?

  • Just me


    Jasper, Indiana has service in select areas, and with continuing installation, every residence and business will have access in 2018.

  • Excelsior Springs MO soon.

  • ee311

    Waverly, IA rolling out, now available.

  • Allen Ellis

    I’m not a customer but it looks like City Link Fiber is offering 1Gbps in Albuquerque, New Mexico for $80/mo with no throttling or caps


  • Fergs

    High Point North Carolina… North State Internet.

  • Nick

    The small town of Rangely Colorado is in process of adding 1gb speeds this summer.

  • Thanks for this very helpful and interesting list. I was looking for perspective on how unusual it is to have Gigabit residential service in sparsely populated rural areas, because we are about to get it in the Town of Chestertown (pop. 5,000) and Kent County, Maryland (pop. 21,000), through FTS Fiber and its partnership with service provider Think Big. We can’t wait to see how it helps local businesses and entrepreneurs who want to live in a beautiful small-town or Chesapeake Bay setting and still have professional-grade internet.

  • We have fiber in all of our exchanges here at Endeavor Communications. Little towns like Cloverdale, Coatesville, Eminence, Fillmore, Monrovia, Reelsville, Coal City, Poland, Bowling Green, and Atlanta Indiana. We are finishing this project on Monday.



  • JAX FL

    Jacksonville, FL offers 1GBS with AT&T Gigapower and Google Giber is currently working with the city to offer a competing service.

  • Connor

    I just had gigabit internet installed by AT&T in Pebble Beach, CA.

  • Citizens Connected in New Auburn, Wisconsin offers Gigabit internet and is an NTCA Gig-Capable Provider.

  • 1GFiber

    Add Sugar Land, Tx to the list. Windsteam is now offering !G fiber to the house in select areas in Sugar Land and Richmond TX just outside of Houston.

  • rc

    DMEA (Delta Montrose Electric Association) is rolling it out in Delta and Montrose counties of western Colorado. It was officially introduced a couple of weeks ago and we are super excited. We have been so under-served when it comes to decent internet access. It’s coming in phases, so we’re still going to have to wait a while.

  • Annie

    Looking for a good list of hotels offering 1gig.

  • john

    Brentwood CA 94513 has the gb network now, goodbye comcast!

  • Elaine Smith

    Century Link is not good in my corner of the world. They say that my area gets only 1.49 gigs and they can’t improve that for me. I, as well as many others in my vicinity, hate Century Link ……but we have no other carrier to go to. My neighbor dropped Century Link and has gone with Verizon internet. My husband and I may follow her lead.

  • JJ

    Men are laying fiber optic wire in Beaverdam, VA. They say it is for CenturyLink customers. No word on when it will be available.

  • Justin D

    Lakeside, Texas is serviced bt AT&T’s Gigapower internet

  • Please consider adding Kent County, MD to you map. Construction of our county-wide fiber network has begun with gigabit capable ISP services available upon phase completion as soon as Fall 2016. You can stay informed on the progress at http://fiber.kentcounty.com

  • Caleb Pashia

    Central Missouri has a few providers that offer Gig internet.

    Kingdom Telephone Company offers it in a few small towns (Hatton, Mo. and Tebbets, Mo.)

    Callabyte offers it in a town called Fulton, Mo.

  • Bruce Mellen

    Greenlightnetworks.com offers fiber Gigabit in areas within the greater Rochester NY area

  • Michael Pepilton

    In New York City, Stealth offers Gigabit for $250 monthly: https://stealth.net/app_dev.php/services/fiber/nyc/gigabit/shared

  • Miguel

    There is a company in Houston, Tx. by the name of Tachus that offers Gigabit Internet. Please look it up and consider adding it to the list. Thanks.

  • Jason Buchek

    Mediacom in Springfield mo offers new gigabit to the home but it is $1450 month and a three year commitment. So pretty much makes it only for mid tier and higher business accounts

  • Palazzo del Sol located on Fisher Island in Florida is one of the few brand new buildings to offer Gigabit internet. For more information on Fisher Island 305-535-6071 Kimberly can help with questions regarding sales for Palazzo Del Sol and all of the amenities for this great new project

  • Larry Ford

    Nice list, keep it up

  • Dea

    sebastopol and santa rosa are both getting fiber internet. currently its available for certain businesses in santa rosa,ca. and a good portion of sebastopol already has gigabit.Sonic.net is the one providing it.

  • West Central Telephone Association offers 1,000 Mbps or Gig service in its entire 602 sq mile area which is 100% fiber to the home–and have since October 2015. http://www.wcta.net/site/index.php/products-services/internet-access/high-speed-internet

  • David

    Since this list is not being updated anymore people should realize this is only a small percentage of areas covered by 1Gbps service even when this was originally posted.

  • Wes

    Why is it that the U.S., a Technological hub if you will, is so far behind in upgrading internet speeds? Japan is, and has been enjoying 2Gbps for some time now. Is it really that difficult?

  • Enrico

    How ridiculous is it that the elite areas of the Northeast – like all of CT and NY metro have no gigabit plans.

  • Jeff

    Paonia, CO will be on the map in less than four weeks. They have laid the FTTC.

    This is a serious step forward for a small rural town that will allow living within the beautiful Rocky Mountains (not Denver or Boulder that are on the edges) at blazing speed. We are very excited! All for $79.95/mo!


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