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Why Pay-TV Will Lose Customers to Streaming Services in 2016

What will the continued evolution of TV look like during 2016? It seems each year that we may be edging toward a new tipping point. Over the past 10 years, the popularity of streaming media has grown significantly. That’s true in United States and in much of the world. Now, more than ever before, people are dropping their pay-TV services…

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Is BitTorrent Dying in North America?

In the early 2000s, BitTorrent was one of the most popular ways to download a wide range of files online. Movies, music albums, and more were all just a few clicks away if you knew where to look. These days, however, it appears that the age of torrenting may be over. Sandvine’s recent report on…

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Microsoft Making a Speed Test App Available to Bing Users

Most Internet users have at thought about testing their connection speed at some point. Some people, myself included, will test their connection on a regular basis, especially when the connection seems slower than usual. Running a speed test is a fairly straightforward process, but it does require navigating to one of the many speed-testing sites. For…

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How the FCC Plans to Expand Access to Broadband Internet in America

Early last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) changed its definition of broadband. To qualify as broadband under the new definition, Internet service needs to offer, at a minimum, download speeds of 25Mbps and upload speeds of 3Mbps. Considering the fact that 20 percent of Americans did not have access to Internet service that met… 0 0

DSL Now Lags Behind Cable More Than Ever

The average American download speed is now more than three times faster than in 2011. That’s according to data released in the Federal Communications Commission’s fifth annual Measuring Fixed Broadband Report. At 31Mbps, the average download speed in America is now fast enough to support the streaming of high-definition media, one of the bandwidth-heavy activities that…

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Thousands of Free Wi-Fi Hotspots to Hit New York by 2017

According to RTTNews’ blog, New Yorkers are set to have access to more than 7,500 free Wi-Fi hotspots by 2017. If things go according to the city’s schedule, nearly 500 of these hotspots will be operational by July. With plans to replace city’s old phone booths with 9.5-foot-high kiosks, these Wi-Fi hotspots will be easy…

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Futuristic Internet Products and Services Shown at CES 2016

Known for providing consumers with a look into the exciting world of upcoming electronic products and trends, the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is often the best place to scope out what the future holds for consumer-bound technology. This year’s show, which ran from January 6th to January 9th in Las Vegas, covered quite a…

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What Is Wi-Fi HaLow and What Does It Offer?

A new type of Wi-Fi is on the way. it’s not projected to make its way onto routers and wireless devices until 2018 at the earliest. But it will likely have an impact on the market long before then. It’s dubbed Wi-Fi HaLow by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This new form of wireless technology differs from…

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Why Americans Are Opting Out of Broadband Internet

For the first time in history, the percentage of homes in the United States with broadband Internet has fallen significantly. If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering why any household in the U.S. would elect to live without high-speed Internet. Well, as reported by USA Today, the most common reason cited for not having a…

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High-Speed Internet in All National Parks by 2018

As recently reported by the Jackson Hole News&Guide, the National Park Service plans to bring high-speed Internet to all national parks by the year 2018. According to a spokesperson for the Park Service, this initiative primarily aims to provide visitors with more information about park resources, but it would also be a convenient amenity. So,…